Organic Honey Chai - Spicy Cardamom

6.850 KWD

Change up your Chai Tea with this honey coated blend that packs a spicy ginger punch. 


Honey, Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon Bits, Cardamom, Cardamom powder, Cloves, natural flavouring.

100% Organic


Infuse the blend in boiling milk to get the smooth, deep and rich flavours that you crave.


- Lowers blood pressure

- Regulates glucose levels (great for Diabetics)

- Promotes brain power- Cinnamon is a great contributor in stimulating both attention and memory levels

- Alleviates aches and pains- Ginger and Cloves are each renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties

- Energy- Black Tea leaves deliver a healthy energy boost without the crash

- Relieves nausea- Ginger is renowned for its natural ability to treat nausea and upset stomachs

- Aids digestion- Black Pepper and Ginger each aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system

Locally created blends

Hand-picked for the best quality

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