Honey Chai - Sweet Fire

5.250 KWD

This hand-crafted infusion of black tea, spices and honey has been accented with fiery red chili pepper rings that must be infused in boiling milk to give your taste buds a deep, rich flavour of a Chai Tea with a surprise kick at the back of your throat. 


Black tea, Honey, Cinnamon bits, Cardamom, Orange Wedges, Pink Pepper, Cloves, Chili Rings.


To make yours perfectly, simply infuse the tea with your choice of hot water.


- Lowers blood pressure

- Regulates glucose levels (great for Diabetics)

- Promotes brain power- Cinnamon is a great contributor in stimulating both attention and memory levels

- Alleviates aches and pains

- Energy- Black Tea leaves deliver a healthy energy boost without the crash

- Aids digestion

Locally created blends

Hand-picked for the best quality

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