3.500 KWD

Our signature mint tea uses only hand-picked leaves from the peak of freshness to ensure an unparalleled mint tea experience. We select only organic leaves from China's premiere tea growing regions, and take great care in their handling. The leaves are carefully cut to offer a mellow sweetness with a hint of crispiness as they hit your palette. It is a true connoisseur's delight; use it to impress guests, or help you wind down at day's end.


Small crisped mint.


 - Eases sore throat
- Helps digestion
- Eases Bloating
- Mild Stimulant
- Calms Cough
- Reduces Fever
- Removes Bad Breath
- Reduces Stress
- Helps with Nausea
- Reduces Headaches
- Supports Weight loss



Locally created blends

Hand-picked for the best quality

Ethical tea partnership